Whether I Belong…

I’ve been hunting on “familiar” ground for leaders from whom I could garner some wisdom. “Familiar” though the territory is, I’ve again been reminded of how different I am compared to most of them. At first, that made me glad that I’m casting a wider net beyond what I’m used to. I didn’t want to continue to pursue a position in a field that I don’t belong in. Then, I began to consider the positive angle-perhaps I have some gifts they do not.

It’s also good to be speaking to people who are inherently different from me, as Rosalinde Torres talks about in her TED talk concerning what it takes to be a great leader. It makes me feel like I’ve already learned quite a bit about operating with people who are tribally somewhat different than I am.

I’ve also decided that I will pursue leaders in the fields of my interests. Ministry is one of them, especially creative outreach ministry. Broadcasting (all forms) is another. Teaching at a college level is another.

In the end, I hope to meet fascinating-to-me people from a broad swath of employment. Whether the support I’ll gain will send me back to school, or grant me a position, or both remains to be seen, but I have a lot more faith in the process now.

My first informational interview was this morning, and it went well.


1 thought on “Whether I Belong…”

  1. Wasn’t it Lincoln who termed the “Team of Rivals” approach to leadership? I love this concept you allude to here, because truly great leaders know how to listen to those that oppose them, and even bring them onto their team. The more diverse our team of partners, the more powerful and balanced our impact will be. Good stuff Chris. Keep leading!


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