No Excuses…

I met my first contact today. It was about as dramatic as one might imagine-I was put on stage (literally) and had my mettle tested by this leader whom I sought to connect with. I went in with my head down and my ego laid low. Perhaps the old Indiana Jones line applies-“The penitent man will pass. The penitent man. The penitent man will pass…”

The realization happened long before this moment that I needed to do this right. I needed to come in sharp. If the blades came out, they would find me prepared for them. I wouldn’t get a second chance.

I’m happy to say I didn’t lose any limbs today! Perhaps a toe or two, but…things went pretty smoothly. I have a meeting with this leader tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

I think I’m in the right place in this journey because I am challenged. Where I am found wanting, I do what I can to adjust. Tuesday, I’m simply going to ask this leader his professional story. It’s hard to go wrong listening. Wisdom is what I’m after. And perhaps, I can find a way to honor this person who surrendered his pulpit for a few minutes to someone who entered into his church service without any forewarning and little introduction.

Remember, reaching the TRUST stage has everything to do with listening for needs. Needs to be met. Needs that perhaps you can help with and then curry favor and friendship with people who will then want to do the same with you.

I just watched another encouraging TED Talk entitled: “Why you will fail to have a great career.” It’s perfect. One of the best TED Talks I’ve ever heard! Larry Smith systematically calls us out as the viewers for how we make excuses for not pursuing our highest purpose. Normally, I outline these, but I feel like Smith’s message is best experienced in it’s entirety without any prelude. I’ve seen it five times, and I found it an hour ago. I hope you enjoy as I did:


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